Sheet metal processing with oxy-fuel cutting

The process of oxy cutting on flat sheet metal by P.L.L. Ossitaglio is carried out with controlled and innovative machinery that guarantee precision and quality.
Each project follows the customer’s instructions: drawings are often studied together with skilled technicians.

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Oxy cutting is a thermal cut made possible by combining oxygen and oxy-fuel and can only process carbon steel sheet metal. The chemical reaction of the oxygen jet and the oxy-fuel flame allow sheet metal with thicknesses from 20 mm up to 500 mm to be processed.

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The machine park used for oxy cutting is equipped with 4 systems of 4 or 5 torches that can process a maximum format of 4,000 x 12,000 mm that are thin, medium or thick up to a maximum thickness of 500 mm.

  • N.1 “SOITAAB” CNC 4500x12000 oxy cutting machine with 4 torches.
  • N.1 “ESAB” CNC 4000x12000 oxy cutting machine with 6 torches.
  • N.1 “ESAB” 2500x10000 oxy cutting machine with 4 torches.
  • N.1 “SOITAAB” CNC 6000x15000 oxy cutting machine.

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