Sanding, Calandering, Marking and 3D design

3d design

3D design

An innovative service recently made available by the PLL Ossitaglio workshop with the introduction of optimized software for 3D processing. It starts from the complete structural drawing by extracting the parts to be processed in the workshop.


Process carried out by PLL Ossitaglio with the use of sanding machines suitable for polishing the surfaces of sheet metal to a mirror finish, removing imperfections or residual burrs from the cutting process.


The calandering service is carried out for any thickness, from the thinnest to the thickest.
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On request, an engraving service is carried out on the workpiece in order to imprint the product code, a bar code, the logo or writing.

Ultrasonic testing

Upon the customer’s specific request, this technology makes a screen on the sheet metal through a probe that detects impurities and imperfections such as grooves or holes.


The delivery service is managed by P.L.L. Ossitaglio that guarantees shipments from small volumes to exceptional loads, using its own means of transport: vans, small trucks, lorries and articulated lorries.

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